The Sims 2


After the release of The Sims 2 in 2004., I waited a long time untill it came in the country I live in. And by then I looked all the images and every information I could get. When it finally came I bought it and
I was surprised by the 3D. It was a great advance from The Sims. I played it all the time. Only thing that annoys me still is the thing that you can’t look whole map of the city. And the traveling to another place takes ages. Another thing that annoys me is the hair colors in CAS. Only four colors? I know you can get some other colors with costume content but it sucks, and also with the eye color. Great thing about The Sims 2 is the scene that just pops in when something big happens exp. First kiss, having a baby… etc. I love that. My advice is to install it. I didn’t had it untill few months ago. And I’ve missed it. It reminded me of my childhood and how I always played it with my sister, we always fought who would play. After playing TS3 and TS4 I come to TS2 and enjoy. I hope it helped and that you enjoyed reading. In my next post the theme will still be The sims 2 but I will rate expansions and stuff packs.


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