The Sims 2 Nightlife



Continuing with the Sims 2; Nightlife, which is released in 2005. Again I like the TS2 Nightlife but some things annoy me. For example, the Downtown, you have to again go to another ‘town’ to have all the fun. Although I like the new NPC-s, especially Mrs. Crumplebottom. I find her so funny, when she gets in your face and smacks you with her purse, and also the Matchmaker who looks like a gypsy, she brought many spouses to my sims. The next thing I find amusing is the whole package of Nightlife, DJ. Booth, dancing in disco… Also a great thing are the Vampires, who are all so pale and not scary at all. The most important thing that I like are drivable cars. It is great, that  your sim can go to another lot with their own car not having to wait the taxi, even thought I hate waiting for them to arrive to another lot. In last few times I played I didn’t go anywhere, my sims are just staying at home, because I am getting frustrated waiting ten minutes to arrive to their date or something. And when I mentioned date, it is also a new feature in Nightlife. I find it okay, but sometimes it is to little time to have a dream date, which is the main goal of dating. Also the new thing is forming a  group, and go on outings with friends. In my opinion it is worth buying, or installing (’cause I don’t know if someone is even buying games anymore), it has a lot of new and great features that can spice The Sims gaming, and it is fun in every way.







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