The Sims 2 Open for Business



The Sims 2 Open for Business was released in 2006. Since then it became my second favorite expansion. Not because you can get rich by opening your own flower store or souvenir shop, but because the all fun you can get by playing to get rich. You start at the bottom at your own house or buying some community lot. With little skill that you have you start making toys, flower bouquets, or you start baking cakes. Also you can sell anything in your shop, such as chlotes, electronic, robots, etc. Then numerous people come to your little store and buy things, then you earn money, and than you can expand your store, and even hire employees if the job gets too much for your sim. If you hire employees you became boss to them, you can tell them what to do and fire them if they don’t do they job. I love the new stuff that came with this expansion, new shelves, display cases, cash registers,… The thing I like  the most is the beauty salon chair, and the face that sims gets when I turn him/her from a nice man/women, to a desaster, I just love torturing sims. 😀  The great addition are Talent badges. You can get them from: sales, register, restocking, cosmetology, flower arranging, robotics and toy making. That is a great thing when you hire employees and  you can see who has the badge from what you need. In my opinion The Sims 2 Open for Business is definitely worth having in your colection of TS2, because you have hours and hours of fun until you get to your business empire.







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