The Sims 2 Bon Voyage



The Sims 2 Bon Voyage was released in 2007.
It is a great expansion for simmers that got bored with regular life of their sims. With this expansion you can book a vacation to three new locations; Takemizu Village, Twikkii Island and Three Lakes. Each of them has special things you can do while you’re there. Also there are three accomodations you can be in; Vacation House, (you previously have to buy one) Hotel, (price depends on quality) and Campgrounds (although I don’t recomend you take it). The main goal of a succesfull vacation is going on community lots and spend time there. If you chose Twikkii Island you can go on beach and sunbathe, watch waves, and dig sand. In sand you can find jewlery, treasure or collectibles. While you are on vacation you can learn their ways to bow, new dances and eat their specialties. The thing I don’t like is that you can’t bring babys, toddlers and pets to vacation. And there is new creature in TS2 Bon Voyage; Bigfoot. Bigfoot can be found in secret lot Hidden Burrow in Three Lakes. But again I recomend you don’t. He looks creapy. Also I like the new woohoo places such as tent, sauna, hammock… And now you can go on real honeymoon. I like TS2 Bon Voyage but as lazy as I am in nature I make my sims lazy so when they go on vacation they’re just laying on beach or woohooing. Because it takes time to find collectibles and learn some new skills and I just get tired. I definitely recomend TS2 BV it is a great and interesting expansion but not for the lazy ones.





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