The Sims 2 Seasons



This expansion was released in 2007. I couldn’t wait. I am such a weather fan. I love different seasons and that is all I wanted, rain, because I love rain, snow where you can make snowman, snow angels, etc. Also, I like new activities for exp. Snowball fight, chasing fireflies, jumping in leaf piles. Another great thing that I like is new life state; PlantSim. I find it amusing when they reproduct with spores. Also they don’t have the same needs as normal sims. You have to watch out so your sim doesn’t get sunburn,heatstroke, freezing and other. Sims have to wear clothes appropriate with weather. New neighborhood in this expansion is Riverblossom Hills. It is mostly countrside decorated with some new community lots and funny thing is that Riverblossom Hills doesn’t have summer but two times winter in the cyclus. Great thing is that now you can garden normal, I like it because I love flowers and crops. New NPC is penguin. They are so cute while they’re hopping in the snow in front of your house. I recomend this expansion because it brings more reality in the game. Because it was all the same without different weather.





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