The Sims 2 Free Time



This expansion is a great addition to the original game. You can organize your free time with different activities, which is the main goal. The new activities are tossing ball with family, practicing ballet, restoring cars, build train sets, etc. Also there are new skills ; pottery and sewing. I like the new neighbourhood: Desiderata Valley with lots of new community lots such as; gallery, sport park, community kitchen, etc. With 10 new hobbies (cuisine, film and literature, games, tinkering, science, arts and crafts, fitness, nature, sports, Music and dance.) you can really have fun with your Sim. I like the new Oceanography career among Architectural, Dance, Entertainment, Inteligence and other. New life state is Genie who can grant three wishes to your Sim. At the end I think TS2 Free time is fun with all new activities and worth having.





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