The Sims 2 Apartment Life


The Sims 2 Apartment Life was released in 2008. and it is the last expansion of TS2 Apartment Life. New Neighborhood is Belladona Cove. Parts of the town includes slummy urban area, middle class area and luxurous socialite area. I think it is the best town in TS2 because it has a lot of new stuff; trailer park, industrial area, lofty flats, luxurious mansions. The new additions are apartments. You can’t buy them bit rent them, building can have four families. Landlord is new life state and NPC who comes every week and picks up your rent. He/She also takes care of the roaches, tend garden, fix the plumbing, etc. Also you can search for roommates via computer, newspaper and phone, they are unplayable bit you have to have a good relationship with them. New life state is also a Witch. They can be good, bad and neutral, they can cast spells and do magic things. The cutest thing ever is the possibility that toddlers can huggle each other. That is the best and cutes thing ever. By that you can tell that I am not so impressed with TS2 Apartment Life. It is okay, I like the city and few more things but nothing special.






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