The Sims 3


So finally The Sims 3. I’ve got so many things to say about this excellent game. First it has been my favorite and the best game ever since it got out. It was released in 2009. I couldn’t wait for it to come to my country so I can buy it. I convinced my mum for hundred years to buy it. Fortunately I have a big sister who loves The Sims so we bought it together. When we came home we opened it, and read that little book you get with it and later put it for installation. I remember the expetation and bitting our nails while we waited the installation proces. It took long time and we ran out of nails xD. When it finally installed we opened it. I loved it from the intro. I will have another post about CAS because there are a lot of new things and I want to write everything about it. I am happy that they added young adult as normal life age. We made our first Sim with not much skill, he looked like a zombie. Then we started playing in the town Sunset Valley. There are a lot of familes that can be chosen to play and to move to houshold. There are a lot of new skills; Logic, Cooking, Painting, Gardending, Writing, Guitar, Athletic,Handiness, Charisma and Fishing, new careers; Business, Culinary, Criminal, Joirnalism, Also a new was to die; old age, fire, starvation, drowning, electrocution. I remember the first time my Sim died I cryed. But later when I realised that they come as ghosts and that you can have baby ghosts I was killing Sims all the time :’).
Gameplay is much simpler that in TS2. Also the graphic is great. And what I adore is the map view and possibility to see the whole town. The Sims changed me because I would and still rather stay at home playing that go out. So play The Sims once and you won’t be able to stop.



5 thoughts on “The Sims 3

  1. I fell in love with The sims 3 on playstion 3 first but the PC is waaaay better. I’m a sims fanatic! I’ve been playing sims since the very first one came out on playstation. I just wish sims 3 didn’t have so many problems, there are so many nice expansions and content but you can’t get it to play half the time. I still haven’t tried sims 4 yet, plan on doing that when they have more expansions and custom content available. Your story was funny, Thanks for sharing!

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    • On what problems do you mean. For now my Sims work okay sometimes it freezes and for few seconds it works again. I love The Sims 4 because the CAS but not the game play. Thanks! :))


      • I have the same issues with freezing and lots of lagging, sometimes it wont even load. I’ve had to reinstall a few times, maybe it’s because I have a lot of cc in my game. I use to make videos on youtube but not anymore so that’s why I have a lot of cc. Overall though, Sims 3 is my favorite I just want it to run smoothly.

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