The Sims 3 CAS

In this post I’ll write something like a tutorial for people who never created a sim or people who want to but don’t know all the details. So first enter The Sims 3. Pick a town and when it uploads click “create a sim.”

After that this openes;

On the right is a Sim you are going to make. On the left there are five circles.

First one is basics; you get to chose Sim’s name, last name, skin color, and also a sliders for thin-fat and muscles. Second circle is hairstyles. You get to chose from 22 different hairstyles for women and 17 for men. Also a great addition are colors. You get to chose from a big wheel of colors. And also eyebrows. Third wheel is looks. You can costumize your Sim from eyes to beard. And you have a great options and sliders are added for every part. Fourth circle is Clothes. You can chose; Everyday, formalwear, sleepwear and swimmwear. There are a lot of clothes and accessories. Also a new thing is a possibility to chose shoes for Sims.

Then fifth circle is personality. You chose traits from a large spectar, based on that you can chose a lifetime wish, and when completing it you get lifetime points, than you can chose favorite color, meal and genre of music, even your Sim’s voice. When you chose all of that you’re ready to play.


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