The Sims 3 Ambitions


The Sims 3 Ambitions is the second expansion pack, and it was released in 2010. I like this expansion because of the new jobs and interactions. There are several new professions such as; Architect, Firefighter, Ghost hunter, Private investigator and stylist. I like it because you can acctualy go with them on a job and complete tasks. I especialy like the Investigator profession because I adore criminalistic shows. In each profession there are unique tasks to preform and by preforming it you advance on your job. Also a new thing is self-employment. You can self-employ in two new skills: Styling and Sculpting and also in several old skills. The new town is Twinbrook, some new buildings, but I don’t like this town it is kinda weird. Also a new lifetime wishes conected to new professions. The great addition to the game is tattoos. I love tattos and can’t wait to get one. In my opinion TS3 Ambitions is worth having. You’ll have a lot of fun completing all those tasks and also with new skills. 





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