The Sims 3 Late Night


The Sims 3 Late Night is the third expansion of TS3 and was released in 2010. The new town is Bridgeport. Bridgeport has a big buildings and is filled with clubs and lounges. The new look of this town makes others just ugly. 😀 I like the new possibility to buy an apartment. Also there are a lot new interactions that I like. The new career is Film with two final branches, new instriments that sims can play; Bass, Piano and Violin. I especially like the new hairstyles and clothes that is a bit provocative, all mini skirts and shirts. I also like the gameplay and the new objects and community lots. But It is stupid that clubs close at 2am. It is just too early. And the most stupid thing I like this expansion is elevators. They are just so fancy xD but your sim can get stuck in it. In my opinion TS3 Late Night is deffinetly fun and worth having.






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