The Sims 3 Pets

TS3 Pets is the sixth expansion of TS3. As I already said in TS2 Pets, it is my favourite expansion and will always be. In case you didn’t read my Ts2 post, I adore pets in real life and also in The Sims. My every household has to have at least one pet. CAP had been improved a lot since the TS2, you can make your own breed of pet with any posible color and template. Also there are various of traits you can put your pet has but there are also added while Sims praise/scold them. Pets can only die from old age and can return as ghosts, blue or red. They can even have ghost babys. Pets can also reproduce and have puppys, kittens and foal. There are three types of pets that can do that; dogs, cats and horses. Horses have the most new things and actions. New building for horses is the equesterian centre where Sims can enter in different competitions and can breed there mare or offer stallion to breed. There is also a new town Appalosa plains with cute animal parks, and new buildings. Also you can walk your dog. I think this is a must-have expansion for every animal lover. 


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