The Sims 3 Seasons



The Sims 3 Seasons is the eight expasnsion and it was released in 2012. As in the TS2 Seasons, I will say that this expansion is one of  my favorite. This expansion offers a huge span of new game features, I’ll list few of them; Ocean Swimming (Sims are able to swim in oceans near beaches and coastal areas, and can do so year-round, The ocean will freeze over when the temperature drops low enough in the winter, preventing Sims swimming, Sims cannot drown when swimming.) Diving (Diving boards are added in the game, which allows Sims to dive into swimming pools, The larger the Sim, the bigger the splash the Sim will make in the pool.) Snowboarding (Sims can snowboard on half pipes,) Illness (Sims’health can be affected. Examples are:
Sims can get sun burned when staying out in the sun for too long
They can get struck by lightning during a storm
They can catch a cold or even the flu
They can freeze, but other Sims can warm them up).

There are six types of weather; Rain, Sunny, Hail, Snow, Fog, Lightning. Four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summmer and Fall. In every season a new festival arrives in the park with a lot of new activities.

New interactions; Romantic Interactions
Sims can ask for a kiss beneath the mistletoe.
Online dating
(It is not an online social feature for The Sims 3 community.)
A Sim can create their own online dating profile on their computer/laptop and fill in their zodiac sign, traits, favorites and much more. They can also fake them out, but when meeting with their love interest, they may react badly to the Sim.
They can browse through profiles, send and check messages.
They can also send a date request to another Sim. They will get a reply from them after a few days.
Love letters
A Sim can choose any Sim they know in a town and write a love letter and send it via a mailbox. They will get their reply letter soon.
Use the love tester machine
Sims can walk or skate on ice.
Sims can roller skate on the roller skating arena.
Snow Ball/Water Balloon Fights

This expansion offers a lot of new interaction and activities so I highly recomend it for your The Sims 3 collection of expansions. It brings reality of living with weather.




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