The Sims 3 Into the Future


The Sims 3 Into the Future is the last expansion of The Sims 3 and it was released in 2013.
The main feature of this expansion is traveling to future. You can travel by explorinng the portal that appears when you move to your house. Then a man comes from the future and offers you to go there. You have to do some tasks and then you can go. There is a new sub-world; Oasis Landing  which has three types; normal, utopian and dystopian. Also in the future you can experiment with new technology. While Sims travel to the future, the time in the main world is paused. Sims can stay in Oasis Landing indefinitely. Hover cars are the main form of transportation in the future. In addition, Sims can use a hoverboard instead of walking, or a jetpack to instantly travel to their destination.New life state int this expansion are the Plumbots. Plumbots can be created in a bot workshop with Create a Bot if the Bot Building skill is high enough. They can also be purchased from the bot emporium in Oasis Landing. Regular plumbots by default don’t have any specialties. Sims with high Bot Building skills however can create trait chips for the plumbots to give more advanced functionality. The capacity of a plumbot’s trait chips can be increased by upgrading the plumbot’s trait chip slots. Plumbots can enter plumbot competitions at the plumbot competition arena in Oasis Landing. There are 3 types of plumbot competitions: BattleBot competition, Bot Building competition, and EmotiBotting competition. Each type has 3 levels: beginner, advanced, and international. Some interesting new things; Sims can engineer a baby with other Sims at the hospital. They can customize the baby’s DNA or randomize it. The future world has holographic tombstones. New gnome: Voltron Gnome. New romance interaction: Dip Kiss. This exspansion is interesting for few days but after that it becomes boring. I traveled once with my sim and it is nothing special.



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