Tough Life (part 1)

Waking up next to my love, makes my day.

Sadly, he had to go to work soon. 

“I wish we spend more time together.”

“As soon as I get promotion and some extra money, I am taking you somewhere.”


“It is a secret.”

“Keith, come on, tell me.”


He got up, got dressed. And from the door told me;

“Love you Ms.Hamington.”

“Love you too Mrs.Hamington.”

He left and I got up too, decided to reserch about Fashion. I have an interview about my Job today. Suddenly my phone starts ringing.


“Hello, is this Tia?”

“Yes it is me.”

“I am calling becuase you applyed for the Job in fashion industry.”


“You don’t need to come to interview. Our second applient has canceled and you have the Job.”

“Really? Thank you soo much.”

“You’re wellcome. Shift starts at 9am.”

“Thank you, bye.”

I hung up the phone and jumped from happiness. Can’t wait Keith gets home. In the meanwhile I painted, I love to paint.

It was already late when Keith got home, but I waited him.

“Hey, love.”

“I see you happier than when I left? Is it because of me, or something else?”

“It is because you, and something else.”

“Tell me.”

“They called me from the job. And some other girl didn’t showed up on the interview, and I got the Job!!”

“That’s great! We should celebrate.”

“You know what kind of celebration I like.”

“Oh, yeah.”


Tough Life (Introduction)

Meet Tia, 25 years old, Creative, art lover.

Meet Keith, 28 years old, active, family oriented guy.

Tia and Keith met five years ago in a bar. The fell in love at first sight. Slowly meeting they got engaged and later married. They moved in Oasis Springs because Keith got a Job as Detective.

“Do you think I’ll get that Job?”

“I am sure you will, Tia. You are an amazing Fashion model.”

“But this is a big city, maybe I won’t be good enough…”

“Listen, you’ll be great.”

When he hugged me, I knew he was right. We entered the house and talked. 

This is the intro. I hope you liked it. 


‚Äčmod, or modification, is the alteration of content from a video game in order to make it operate in a manner different from its original version. I’ve been playing The Sims for almost ten years and never used mods until maybe a week ago. I descovered that there is a lot new things that be be added, from new hairstyles, eyes, clothes, furniture, gameplay… I found some sites and read how to install it. And only installed few for The Sims 4. And the game is really more interesting now, when you have new things, just like when you buy new stuff pack or game pack and you constantly picking the new things. Here is the site from where I  download the mods, Mod The Sims and here are some suggestions for mods.Mods If you have some cool mods, feel free to comment.