Tough Life (part 2)

First day of work. I put on my fancy working clothes and went to work.

When I entered the building, I saw a nice guy at the front desk.

“Good morning.”, I said

“Good morning. Can you tell me your naime?”

“Tia Hutchinson.”

“You are the new employee?”


“Nice to meet you, I am Ryan.”

“Pleasure is mine.”

“You can go to second floor, for the director’s office, she’ll give you instructions.”

“Thank you.”

I went to second floor. Office doors where on the whole width of the hall. I walked until I saw ‘Director’s office’ on the door. I knocked. Warm voice answered;

“Come in.”

So I did.

When I entered, A women was sitting at the office desk. She had marks on her face, and her body. I tried not to stare, but couldn’t.

“Yes?”, she said

” I am Tia Hutchinson. ”

“Oh, yes. I am Zoey.What can you show me?”

“I was a model, so I would like to continue as one.”
“I’ll take you to photoshooting, and see what can you do.”


She got up from chair. She was wearing beautiful long dress. We got to elevator and headed to third floor. 

“You are pretty.”

“Thank you. You are very kind.”

“I have a custom to take a selfie with new employees.”

“Sure, why not.”

We took selfie after we got out of the elevator and after went to photoshoot room.

Room was huge and cameras were snaping quickly. I was little scared. We continued walking to a free photographer. 

“Jason, this is Tia, your model today.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Okay Tia, you can take your position. I want you to show me how you love your heels. ”

I layed down and did some poses. When I finished, Jason was showing Zoey the photos. 

“You did good.”

“Can I see the photos?”


He turned the camera and showed me.

I am proud, photos were excellent.

“You got the job as model.”


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