Tough Life (part 3)

Cellphone wakes me up. I got up and answered.


“Hi, this is Zoey. I was wondering would you like to come at my house? I just moved in and don’t know the neighbourhood.”

“You mean you moved to Oasis Springs?”

“Yes, I think we are neighbours.”

“That’s great.”

“And if you know any other neighbours you can invite them too.”

“It would be a party then.”

“Why not. Bring your husband too.”

“Sure. Thank you.”


What a lovely boss.

I went to living room. Keith was at work. I hate being separate from him. I came in front of my painting asail and started painting, it relaxes me and I stop thinking about missing my husband.

Finally, 3pm, Keith should be back soon. I waited him sitting on the couch. But again he was late, more than an hour. When he finally arrived I jumped from couch and kissed him.

“How was at work?”

“Umm, okay.”

“Are you hungry?”

“No, I ate.”

“My boss invited us to her house today.”


“She moved close to us, so I am gonna call Johnny and some others to wellcome her.”

“That’s a great idea.”

“You wanna shower and nap before we go?”

“I want you to come nap with me.”

“Hah, okay.”

We layed on bed. And talked. On our way.


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