The Sims 4 CAS The power of CC

The power of CC

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Kidnapping Challenge House

House that I made for a kidnapping challenge. It is more like a prison but I like it 😀

You can download it at gallery id: mare1707

No cc.



Starting with young adult female. Trait should be hates children, and the rest are at your choice. (I suggest somethhing that will help you with gardening, collecting and fishing). Move into an empty lot not less than 40*30. With remaining funds build a small house with basics (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom), no tv, computer, etc. When you’re done, with money cheat make your funding 0$. Make money by collecting, fishing and gardening. Another way of earning money is by giving birth. Every baby is 1000$. Every baby should be with different man. (except twins, and they get 2000$) You can use rewards (for fertility or other) but no cheats. (except money cheat that brings your funding to 0$) When your infant reaches toddler, you have to learn him/her every skill to level 5, that brings another 1000$, if not learnt till childhood funding goes back to 0$. While in childhood, child has to reach at least 2 skills to level 10 and have A in school, that brings 2000$ for every skill and grade A. If not funding goes back to 0$. When your main sim reaches eldery, female that is compatibile inherites the challenge. (you can put every female child hates children trait or just the one you choose) You can move out male sims or marry them as you want, but female children must be single and prepared if they have to inherit the challenge.

Goal is to collect as much money and build a big loving household through generations. 

This is my first challenge made up, if I copied someone let me know. I made up this one time playing The Sims 4. If you liked this or want to try, let me know.